Could milk proteins be the future of plastic packaging?

In France and the US, researchers are working on alternatives to plastic packaging, which is omnipresent in the food industry, yet so harmful to the environment. On both sides of the Atlantic, the teams…

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Denmark Combats Food Waste

A champion of the new gastronomic cuisine thanks to Chef René Redzepi, founder of the legendary Noma restaurant, Denmark is used to making its European neighbours jealous of its food. But this little…

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How Americans are taking back their kitchens

Restaurant sales are slumping, while grocery stores are doing better than ever. Americans are speaking with their dollars and it seems they're back at the kitchen table.

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It’s time to transform Africa through Climate Smart Agriculture

Climate change and food insecurity could shape Africa’s future.

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Renewables need a grand-challenge strategy

Launch a global clean-energy initiative to set priorities that galvanize researchers to deliver breakthroughs, write Alan Bernstein and colleagues.

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Water: Known issues and co-creation solutions

Today, the challenges regarding water protection and conservation have largely been identified. While the 2016 edition of World Water Week in Stockholm focused on the importance of seeing water management…

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Punjab 2020: A project for sustainable agriculture and healthy diets…

After the success of COP 21, COP 22 in Marrakesh will call for concrete solutions for meeting the ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement. In India, the Punjab 2020 project could serve as an example to…

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The Circular Building: the most advanced reusable building yet

A building designed and constructed out of fully re-useable components, is being showcased as part of the London Design Festival to demonstrate how circular economy thinking can be applied to the built…

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Beyond profit, the social value in the collaborative economy

You suffer a cardiac arrest in London on your way to work. A passer by calls 999. An ambulance is dispatched, making its way through the rush hour traffic. At the same time, an alert is automatically issued…

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Nat Geo, United Technologies launch ‘Urban Expeditions’…

Every day, 180,000 people move to urban areas. Urbanization is creating an urgent need for sustainable actions and solutions. At this critical time, National Geographic and United Technologies Corp. are…

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