Today is Earth Day !

Happy Earth Day everyone ! Here are 10 tips to make every day Earth Day

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Assessing Sustainability Literacy everywhere in the world

Although corporate education programmes on social responsibility, sustainability and social innovation have been flourishing in Higher Education Institutions, we lacked an international standard to assess…

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A Family Affair: Profiles in Waste

8 families. 1 week. When we’re through, waste won’t stand a chance. See their stories and the 7 tips to help you reduce, reuse and compost your waste

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Aquaponics: the potential to produce sustainable food anywhere

Colin Javens believes the marriage between aquaculture and hydroponics, growing fish and plants together, is the future of a sustainable food system

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First solar plane to fly around the world unveiled yesterday in…

You've probably heard of the Solar Impulse. It's a solar-powered airplane that flew across the United States last year. It broke numerous aviation records along the way as well as during flights in Europe…

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‘I believe the future of business is social’

The founder of Pure Social Enterprise speaks to us about why he decided to start up a social enterprise

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Watch 40 Years Of Wind Farms Spreading Across The U.S.

The U.S has gone from one small collection of turbines in 1975 to nearly 1,000 wind farms--capable of generating enough electricity for 15 million homes.

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Nice shades: 7 Fast growing shade trees to slash your electric bill

The free solar energy that hits the Earth each day can keep us warm, light our homes, grow our food, and generate clean renewable electricity, so we often invite it into our lives, but when the weather…

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How can we keep pollution out of urban gardens and farms?

Community gardens provide city residents with many benefits, like healthy local produce, social connection and can even reduce stress. But pollution in urban areas, particularly ones with industrial histories,…

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3 lessons for developing effective water, sanitation and hygiene…

Access to sanitation is recognized as a fundamental human right, but the global community is still far from meeting its 2015 Millennium Development Goal target to halve the proportion of the population…

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