The solidarity fridge: Spanish town’s cool way to cut food…

Everyone from vulnerable families to peckish builders are taking leftover goods left dropped off by local people in Galdakao

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African agriculture needs more of the green stuff, says farming…

With Africa’s food needs set to triple by 2050, the head of the Alliance for the Green Revolution in Africa is calling for greater investment in farmers

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Crazy paving: Rotterdam to consider trialling plastic roads

Dutch city could be first to pave its streets with recycled plastic bottles, a surface claimed to be greener, quicker to lay and more reliable than asphalt

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Protecting the Ocean: a profitable activity, according to the WWF

On June 4, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) published a report entitled “Marine Protected Areas: Smart Investments in Ocean Health.” According to the environmental organization, the protection and extension…

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Livelihoods 3F Honored at the Global Landscapes Forum

The Global Landscapes Forum took place in London, on June 10, 2015, when Bernard Giraud, President of Livelihoods, was invited to present the Livelihoods Fund for Family Farming, the joint creation of…

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Slow Food highlights the need for food biodiversity at Expo Milano

We have come to understand the term “slow food” to mean everything that is the antithesis of fast food: meals that take time to prepare and eat, meals made from ingredients that are simple and whose…

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2015: International Year of Soils – protecting a priceless resource

Today, nearly 50% of the world’s soils have been degraded by human activity: an alarming figure when we consider that these areas provide 95% of food production and are home to a quarter of the planet’s…

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Farm Waste and Animal Fats Will Help Power a United Jet

Sometime this summer, a United Airlines flight will take off from Los Angeles International Airport bound for San Francisco using fuel generated from farm waste and oils derived from animal fats. For passengers,…

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Half of Europe’s electricity set to be from renewables by 2030

Leaked EU paper predicts fast renewables growth to around double current levels if countries meet climate objectives.

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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announces new $776 million…

Melinda Gates makes announcement in Brussels during European Development Days

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