This eco-friendly supermarket is using food waste to power its store

When you think about how often food in your fridge goes bad and needs to be thrown out, it’s easy to see how the issue of food waste would be amplified for places such as restaurants and supermarkets.

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Returnable bottles: a new informal economy is emerging

In Germany and in Denmark, but also in Brazil, new kinds of workers are using the flaws of the recycling industry to make a little extra money and fight poverty.

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Musical shaker could light the way home for African school kids

The Spark, created by Sudha Kheterpal -- a UK-based percussionist, is a percussive shaker that converts the energy from playing it into electricity

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The virtues of farm-to-table systems

The “farm-to-table” approach cuts down the number of intermediaries between food producers and consumers: it is good for the environment and for the long-term sustainability of local farming.

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Danone in Indonesia supports social entrepreneurship

In Indonesia, a social business competition allows Danone to support social innovation and identify the young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with problem-solving ideas.

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Need a natural energy boost ? Here are 7 food strategies.

Food is fuel for our bodies, and our bodies reflect what we put into them. By learning how to eat in ways that boost energy and combat fatigue, you can do a lot to optimize your mental and physical performance…

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“When social impacts business”: a video to sum up Danone’s…

A video shown by Franck Riboud during the Consumer Goods Forum demonstrates how Danone implements its dual economic and social project, in particular via the danone.communities fund, the Danone Ecosytem…

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Livelihoods celebrates co-creation at its annual “rendez-vous”

The 2014 edition of Livelihoods’ annual gathering brought together the entire “Livelihoods family” (investor companies, partner NGOs, partner institutions) to celebrate the achievements of the Fund…

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The Danone Ecosystem Fund rewarded by a BITC Big Tick 2014

The Danone Ecosystem Fund has just won a Big Tick from the Unilever International Award, supported by Business Fights Poverty. The Fund is rewarded for three of its sustainable projects in Egypt, Brazil…

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