« We are studying the impact of women’s income growth on poverty reduction »


Here is the third article of our focus on women empowerment, an interview of Corinne Bazina, Executive Director at Grameen Danone Foods Ltd.


Which link do you make between social business and women empowerment?


“Throughout our social business initiatives, we try to rethink the role of a private company when it comes to creating local job opportunities. They are micro-entrepreneurs, employees or sellers: women are present all along the value chain and play a key role in the development of new activities. ” 


How does the Grameen Danone Foods project contribute to empowering women?


“The project empowers about a thousand of “shokti ladies”  through trainings, economic activity and income.  We are currently studying the impact of women’s income growth on poverty reduction and on the improvement of families’ standards of living (housing, education, healthcare…). Their condition is evolving step by step. ” 


What are the challenges ahead?  


“Our challenge is to create a sustainable activity of  nutritionally adapted products distribution. It’s impossible without a precise and constant understanding of the local situation. Our partnerships with NGOs and the Grameen Bank have been designed in this view; the mobilization and the empowerment of our partners are also key to reach this goal.”

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And for more information about Grameen Danone Foods Ltd, click here.


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