Poverty Reduction through Social Business?


On paper, Social Business is a great concept, and an exciting alternative to “business as usual”. But does it really work? This is one of the questions which will be debated on May 15th at danone.communities big gathering called “General Community Meeting”. In the meantime, their team had the priviledge to publish on their blog two chapters of Kerstin Humberg’s latest book on how social business can contribute to reduce poverty. We encourage you to discover the results of her research from the field.


Kerstin Humberg is a Business Consultant with a leading international management consultancy for several years. During her academic career in geography, Kerstin has conducted researches about the impact of social business in the fight against poverty. For three years, she traveled on the field, in Bangladesh, many times, to study Grameen joint ventures, including Grameen Danone Foods Ltd. The result of her work has been published in a book entitled « Poverty Reduction trhough Social Business ? ».

We are lucky because she allowed us to publish two chapters :

– Chapter 2 : « Mapping the field : social business and relevant contexts »

– And Chapter 7 (a GDFL case) : « Grameen Danone Foods Ltd. : Fortified Yoghurt for the Poor ».

Finally, for those who wish to go further, devour the bibliography of this academic research that lays the groundwork for a debate about the impact of social business. Happy reading!

- Kerstin Maria Humberg -

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