“Achieving the Millennium Development Goals through Social Business” : the point of view of a Bengladesh student


Md. Jannatul Habib isn’t a regular student. For starters, he came first in his year at the International Relations Departement of Jahangirnagar University in Dakha, Bangladesh. Moreover, he is the winner of the 2011 Yunus Centre Social Business Essay Competition, an annual contest awarding essays from social business students. Enjoy the reading!


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The international community is preparing to embark on a grand experiment, something never attempted before. A new concept is being designed to change the way to eradicate poverty and other social problems and that is of Social Business which is coined by Nobel laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus.

Achieving the Millennium Development Goals through Social Business

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The goal of Social Business is to make dramatic progress in advancing human development in the world’s poorest countries.

The core component of Social Business is no loss, no dividend. “Yunus Center” pointed out seven principles of social business. The Millennium Development Goals, on the other hand, can be achieved through social business. Social business aims to foster versatile and credible plans to use resources to advance the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and to undertake the necessary institutional steps.

This essay addresses the problems behind achieving the Millennium Development Goals and examines the concept of social business to meet the MDGs in 2015.

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