To Create Social Innovation, Everyone Has To Work Together


How has social innovation evolved? Here is an interview of Annette Richardson, Senior advisor at UNOP.


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Who’s better at making change, business or governments? Why pick when they can combine their efforts?

The emphasis these days is on social enterprise, and the idea that it’s the private sector that will solve the world’s problems, as long as solving those problems and making money are aligned within a company’s business plan. But in this video Annette Richardson, of the United Nations Office of Partnerships, argues that nothing will get down until the private and public sectors come together to find ways to create change jointly.

Richardson’s tips for budding social entrepreneurs:

  1. Look to the developing world. Even if your solution isn’t based there,

social innovation is everywhere in the developing world in much more fundamental ways than in the developed world.

 It’s a place to find great ideas and great thinkers.

  1. Make the right partnerships. As she emphasizes, the government isn’t the enemy of businesses that are trying to effect change. It’s an institution that has lots of experience trying to help people, and by working together, you can scale much faster.

This video is part of a series on prominent social innovators—all convened by PricewaterhouseCooper during the 2012 Social Innovation Summit—who are discussing the evolution of social innovation and offering advice to social entrepreneurs. We’ll be featuring them here on Co.Exist.

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