Danone.communities experts meeting on social innovation


During the 2012 edition of Global Communities Meeting in Paris, danone.communities has initiated a new meeting, before the conference with Pr. Yunus. This special meeting was called Experts Workshops Meeting.


Reblogged from Danone Communities:

Since its creation in 2007, danone.communities has been evolving in a partnership’s galaxy and has never walked alone. Indeed, Grameen Danone Foods Ltd, the 1rst project, originally started thanks to its partners: Grameen Bank. Without the Grameen Bank’s knowledge and expertise, Danone would have met much more difficulties to enter this new territory. Moreover, without the support of Care Bangladesh, it would have been much harder to settle up again the door-to-door sales network in 2008, after the milk crisis.

With years and with projects, the partners’ network got wider and today it gathers about 50 partners, for 10 projects.

At danone.communities, we know that all these partners are experts of specific topics: micro-distribution, finance, social impact…

While designing the Global Communities Meeting 2012, the danone.communities team has decided to gather more experts in the same place to make emerge learnings and knowledge to share and spread good practices or things to avoid for a social business project.

That’s what happened during the Experts Workshops Meeting last May: 200 experts and partners met and worked together. Please discover the contact book of this day.

These days, the network has been meeting regularly to go deeper in their topics (see outputs). Late September, some of them met in Danone’s Headquarter to imagine the next steps of their work.

This is co-creation. This is social business DNA. This is danone.communities DNA.

Find the outputs of these workshops on our website.

You can read the original article here.

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