Creating Resilence By Following Nature’s Lead


This excellent article from shows how the natural world has found ways to work and live in harmony for a long time. If we want to also survive and create sustainability systems, biomimicry may be the key.


The operating conditions of life are literally symphonic: They are a composition of elements, they have range, there are crescendos and valleys, they have melody and rhythm, they can be harmonic, powerful, even frightening. They are dynamic and in motion. Circadian rhythms, tidal rhythms, the seasonality of the distance of our planet from the sun, water flows, and nutrient cycling all fluxing in sync result in a world full of motion and change. While we can appreciate the elegance and seeming effortlessness of life’s ability to adapt to this symphony, it is incredibly hard for us to be so nimble. It is an enormous challenge to reconcile our value of predictability and fear of uncertainty with the dynamic motion of systems, though it has never been more relevant.

We have a lot to learn about resilience from observing the natural world. Why isn’t the prairie subject to epidemics like our agricultural systems? How does the water bear survive without access to water, sometimes for years?

By allowing for autonomy and trusting the genius in the individual, ant colonies are able to respond quickly to disturbance and also to know when it is time to go back to a new normal.”


Photo © Shutterstock /  Kwanjitr


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