Does the world need a superhero to reduce the global carbon footprint?


Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own superhero to reduce the global carbon footprint? Enter the Green Ninja, a climate action superhero who fights global warming through education and social change.


We all know the importance of reducing emissions of heat-trapping gases to help stabilize our climate system. In 2012, the U.S. experienced a number of significant weather and climate events including the warmest year on record, a drought that peaked in July with over 60 percent of the nation in drought conditions, and devastating storms including Super Storm Sandy. Together with another record-setting minimum in Arctic sea ice, policy makers have again been forced to take climate change seriously.

So what is the way forward and could the Green Ninja help?

The Green Ninja Project is a collaboration among scientists, educators, and artists to create unique educational experiences that inspire young people to take action on climate change.

The humorous adventures of the Green Ninja are featured in a series of animated and live-action short films hosted on YouTube. Related games and contests are used to promote hands-on learning experiences in the climate-related areas of food, energy, and water. A collection of educational resources help teachers bring the Green Ninja and climate science topics into the classroom.

So how does the Green Ninja help reduce one’s carbon footprint? In this video, a man’s feet start to grow as a result of his large carbon footprint. The Green Ninja rushes to the rescue!

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