Danone makes it to the top of the global Access to Nutrition Index


The brand new Access to Nutrition Index has made its first results public, and Danone ranks first in the global evaluation. A recognition of the Group’s long-time efforts to improve nutrition in the countries it operates in.


A few weeks ago, we told you about the upcoming creation of a new international index, assessing the nutritional quality of food and beverages: ATNI (Access to Nutrition Index). ATNI is supported by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust. It is fully focused on nutrition and health, and assesses food companies’ commitments, practices and performances with regards to international standards and guidelines. Its strong focus on nutrition is motivated by the founders’ conviction that the food & beverage industry has a key role to play in helping curb the spread of food-related non-communicable diseases, like obesity, as well as undernutrition. ATNI just released its first results, and we are glad to announce that Danone ranks in first in the global evaluation (you can view the full report here).


A long-time commitment to improve nutrition


This score is a tangible recognition of the relevancy of Danone’s global approach, as well as its efforts, started years ago, to improve nutrition – all of this being in line with its mission to bring health through food to as many people as possible. Danone was in fact one of the first food manufacturers to adopt an approach integrating several main dimensions of its activity – R&D, regulatory, public and legal affairs, marketing, communication, etc. In 2005, the Group formalised a Food, Nutrition and Health Charter committing each of its subsidiaries to:

– Offering products that are consistently tailored to nutritional needs and recommendations, and to the tastes and incomes of local consumers;

– Developing products with relevant, scientifically proven health benefits that meet real nutritional needs;

– Giving consumers clear information and advertising responsibly;

– Promoting healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle;

– Addressing the major health and nutrition challenges in society.

Danone has given itself a Nutrition & Health Committee, which gathers the executive directors of the main operational activities, to ensure that the implementation of these governance principles is effective. The Committee is also in charge of the follow-up of the achieved performances by using tools such as the Danone Way (measuring the implementation of CSR practices in the Group), or the Nutrition & Health barometer.

To support its efforts towards healthy nutrition, Danone has developed various initiatives: among them in Nutriplanet, that ATNI experts have assessed as a programme of interest. Based on the latest data and expert opinions, Nutriplanet is a comprehensive tool analysing the health & nutrition issues and eating habits of each country (it is deployed in 45 countries to date). The objective is to adapt Danone’s existing products to specific local needs or even create new products.

This good ranking is beneficial to Danone on one more account: the ATNI 2013 Index is detailed enough to help companies visualise their areas of strength and of progress. This comprehensive assessment of Danone’s performance will definitely contribute to challenge, and keep improving, some of our tools and practices.

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