Biofuture: Two dads and three oils


Biofuture designs and sells nutritive oils to suit specific groups of people. The firm’s project embodies a spreading vision of the role of corporate companies in our society.


“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”,


wrote Hippocrates twenty-five centuries ago. The two founders of Biofuture chose this statement as their motto: Sébastien Loctin and Christophe Basile launched their own range of organic nutritive oils, “QuinteSens”, because they are convinced that health is directly linked to a balanced diet which respects the environment.


Setting their own standards


Back in 2009, “two dads”, as the founders introduce themselves, had trouble finding suitable oils to feed to their kids. They were also growing sick and tired of seeing how much today’s food neglects the bodies of those who eat it and upsets the ecosystem. The two entrepreneurs – one is an engineer, the other a former food industry employee – then started to develop a vision of a diet based on organic and sustainable standards, which are as important in their eyes as health through nutrition: “whatever is good for the body should also be good for nature”.

They came up with “QuinteSens”: three different plant-based oils, each of which meets the needs of a specific section of the population: the elderly, pregnant or breastfeeding women and children.

“Initiation”, designed for kids, helps brain development and reinforces the immune system; “Plenitude”, for seniors, stimulates the memory and protects bones; “Symbiosis”, which targets mothers-to-be, contributes to better skin elasticity and the development of the baby’s brain. To produce such high-precision products, Biofuture was assisted by expertise from ITERG, a national research institute specialising in fats, and Prunelle, an agency expert in nutrition. The company chose to use only organic seeds and fruits cultivated within the EU and pressed in the South of France in its products, in order to limit gas emissions relating to transportation. Whilst Biofuture’s focus is clearly on health and nutrition, it also develops a vision of how food production impacts our planet and our lives.


Making nutrition meaningful


On the website of QuinteSens – whose aim is to “give meaning to our diet” – is a profession of faith: be “innovative and useful, positive and futuristic, audacious and willing, realistic and sincere”. These eight words could well be used by other corporate companies, indeed by each and every organisation which cares about its role in society, and looks for ways of innovating to create a better world, while remaining profitable. A business with a view, you might say. As the two entrepreneurs put it, their vision of an exemplary company is “one that does what is best for mankind, and for our planet.” In that respect, Biofuture is the perfect example of the companies of the 2010s: after the era of careless growth and consumption, after the era of greenwashing to quieten down raising awareness, the era of putting “green” and collective well-being at the centre of business models is here.

Photo © Shutterstock / Sebastian Duda

  • MC

    I am sorry but it’s some kind of misleading information. No oil can help in brain developing, that’s just a marketing slogan and it’s a marketing for a very poor educated people. This is a bit more complex matter than having your or any other oil.