Danone and CARE partner in Egypt to improve the livelihoods of small farmers


In cooperation with CARE, Danone seeks to improve the dairy sector in Egypt and to positively impact small farmers whose livelihoods are in part, or entirely dependent on livestock. Special focus will be paid to women, who are key stakeholders in livestock production and who are primarily responsible for the care and management of livestock at the household level in Egypt.


The main producers of milk in Egypt are subsistence and small farmers (85% of total production) who own between one and two heads of cattle.

Only a few organized modern and large scale farms exist and small farmers, who are fragmented due to weak institutional frameworks, are considered to be the weakest link in the value chain.

Working with small-scale breeders to increase their knowledge and equip them with new skills can help increase their production, as well as overall quality milk supply in Egypt.

The project aims at improving the incomes of small farmers and milk cattle breeders in Nubareya and Beni Suef by applying better milk production practices to improve milk quantity and quality, while strenghtening their position in the milk value chain.

The project sets four intertwined objectives:

– Improve small farmers incomes through increasing milk production and quality with a set of feed services and hygienic practices

– Improve access to animal health & veterinarian services

– Empower small farmers to facilitate fairer profit distribution among milk value chain participants

– Strengthen the capacity of local institutions to sustain improvement of milk production and farmers’ livelihoods


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