Frédéric Dalsace’s point of view on the Ecosystem Fund


Associate Professor of Marketing at HEC, Frédéric Dalsace is the holder of the Social Business Chair (Enterprise and Poverty Studies), sponsored by Danone and Schneider Electric. Here is his point of view on the Danone Ecosystem Fund:


“When the Danone Ecosystem Fund was created, I was offered a front-row seat from which to observe this pioneering approach. By attending the monthly operational committee meetings, I was able to get a first-hand look at developments in the way the Ecosystem team operates and in the way projects are rolled out and supervised: there is a strong sense of progress along a pathway somewhere between experimentation and professionalization.

The Fund appears to work rather like a start-up: a constant brainstorming leading to ideas which help build a framework to manage initiatives, refocus debates and assert a genuine ambition.

The Ecosystem team works in close cooperation with Danone subsidiaries and the NGOs in the field. In so doing, the team allows to turn something that often starts out as the wish of a local manager into a project that can be put,before the «SIC» (Social Innovation Committee).

Frédéric Dalsace

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Meeting after meeting, references to previous projects form a “collective memory” which developments need to be followed cautiously. Managing know-how, thinking about the challenges of overseeing a project with partners with differing visions: many stalemates that can sometimes lead to redefine initiatives.

There is a clear learning curve, as each new project arrives. Is there a proper balance between the social impact and the business impact? How could this initiative be interpreted?

I have sat in on some heated discussions. But such is the price for maintaining a steady course. The challenge is not only about bringing about lasting change in Danone’s relationship with its ecosystem, but also learning lessons that can help transform the Group.”

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