Danoners speak highly of Dan’Cares!


Dan’Cares, Danone’s health cover system, has been in place for three years now. It is having a positive impact on the lives of Danoners all over the world.


Dan’Cares is a system designed by Danone for its 102,400 employees, to ensure they have access to basic health cover (i.e. access to appropriate cover for major risks: hospitalisation, surgery, pregnancy, medical consultations and prescription costs.) Dan’Cares was rolled out worldwide in 2010. Currently, more than 67, 000 Danoners have health cover that meets the Dan’Cares standards; 60% of them are covered thanks to initiatives launched during the past three years. In Russia, the programme aims to provide cover for the 15,000 Danone employees by 2016.


A social advance and a lever for attractiveness


Beyond just tackling health issues, Dan’Cares represents an important social advance. A few months ago, we wrote about social security, explaining how it was a growing challenge in the least-developed countries as well as in the post-industrialised world, hit by the economic downturn and impacted by changing demographics. Social security is an important notion when it comes to defending human dignity. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) states: “Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realisation, through national effort and international co-operation and in accordance with the organisation and resources of each State, of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and the free development of his personality.” While the text stresses on the responsibility of public authorities,

the idea behind Dan’Cares is that corporate companies also have a role to play.

Firstly,  they are accountable for the working and living conditions of their employees, and it is their social role to respect and sometimes exceed legal obligations in terms of wages, working hours, safety guarantees, etc. Secondly, because some of them have the power and means to effectively protect their employees and their families when times are tough.


At the same time, Dan’Cares is also a lever for developing Danone’s attractiveness, reducing absenteeism and increasing its teams’ commitment and loyalty.

In the above video, Danoners from South Africa, Indonesia, Poland and Mexico speak about Dan’Cares and the real impact it has had on their lives.bear out what Muriel Pénicaud, then Executive Vice-President Human Resources at Danone, explained to down to Earth in 2012: the programme has indeed made the Group more attractive. For instance, in Mexico, the turnover of people has decreased by half in six months. In China, they use it for employer branding: there is a very strong attraction, it is a strong differentiator factor, to show that we can provide this to all employees.”

The video also ably demonstrates how, in order to be pertinent and adequate for the employees, the programme adapts to national and even regional contexts. Each country’s social security situation is different; Dan’Cares’ ambition is to ensure that all of Danone employees, everywhere, benefit from the same minimum coverage.

Photo from:  © Danone

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