Kidney health starts with appropriate hydration


Danone Nutricia Research has been an active partner of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) since 2011. The society’s mission is to fight kidney disease by supporting prevention, notably through better hydration habits. A few months ago, the ISN launched an online educational portal including a Nutrition and Hydration section created in partnership with DNR.


The kidney is a key organ in the regulation of homeostasis (the “process that maintains the stability of the human body’s internal environment in response to changes in external conditions,” according to Wikipedia): it regulates the body’s water balance and removes waste via urine. In recent months, new scientific studies and publications have suggested that an appropriate water intake is important for kidney health and in preventing kidney disease. Conversely, an insufficient water intake can result in the formation of kidney stones and is associated with an increased risk of chronic kidney disease.

The aim of the collaboration between Danone Nutricia Research and the ISN is to raise awareness of findings on the importance of preventing of kidney disease through good hydration. In 2011, Danone Nutricia Research became a partner of the International Society of Nephrology, the world’s largest learned society on kidney health, created in 1960. Its mission is to advance “the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of kidney diseases in the developing and developed world.” The ISN is in contact with a community of 30,000 nephrologists and “aspires towards the elimination of kidney disease worldwide.” Danone Nutricia Research has developed significant expertise in hydration, in line with Danone’s mission to bring health through food and hydration to as many people as possible.

Through their partnership, DNR Waters team and the ISN are pursuing a common goal to fight kidney disease by supporting prevention, notably thanks to better hydration.


The importance of education regarding kidney health


To achieve this objective, both organisations, and specifically Danone Nutricia Research, are carrying out scientific research in two major areas:

– show that the occurrence of kidney disease, in various countries of the world, is related to low water intake and insufficient hydration habits;

– demonstrate that improving hydration through increased water consumption decreases the risk of developing kidney disease.

In January 2014, the partnership went a step further when a “Nutrition and Hydration” section was created on the ISN’s online educational portal.  This section features articles related to hydration and also links to the H4H Initiative website (the Hydration for Health Initiative is “an initiative from Danone Waters to raise public awareness of healthy hydration, and encourage sustainable healthy hydration habits, by sharing scientific research, educational materials and practical tools.”) Long term, Danone Nutricia Research and the ISN seek to improve education and knowledge of the science of hydration and its relationship with kidney health. This partnership has the potential to positively influence people’s day-to-day behaviour: for healthy kidneys and a healthy life, drink water instead!

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