Danone’s Social Responsibility approach rewarded with two prizes


Two French awards recently acclaimed Danone’s global approach to social responsibility: the Trophées de la Réputation and Trophées Défi RSE, which involve the group’s actions at world level.


Trophies, awards and prizes are important for a company because they enable its teams to feel proud of their work, and an independent honour gives credibility to an initiative. Which is why Danone is delighted to announce that it recently received two trophies – awarded in France but encompassing the group’s global social responsibility policy.

On 27 May, Danone received two Trophées de la Réputation: one for its global reputation, and another for its societal responsibility. On 10 June, it was awarded a Trophée Défi RSE for its global Corporate Social Responsibility policy. Here are the main highlights of these honours.

CSR Prize

 CSR is key to building the future of Danone

The Trophées de la Réputation have been organised since 2013 by Syntec RP, an association representing the Public Relations sector in France, in partnership with the newspaper La Tribune. They single out the companies with the best reputations in general, as well as in several more specific areas: Global Trust, Service Quality, Environmental Responsibility, Societal Responsibility and Social Responsibility. This year, Danone received the 2nd General Prize (all categories) and the 1st Societal Responsibility Prize. Organisers define societal responsibility as the commitment to actions in favour of society. 40 companies competed, from five industries (New Information and Communications Technologies, Consumer Goods, Banking & Insurance, Industry and Retail). Their reputations were analysed through the eyes of six key audiences: the general public, individual shareholders, employees, young people between 18 and 24, and activists working for social and ecological causes. The fact that Danone received two prizes shows that its commitment to its corporate social responsibility is acknowledged by the public, and is now a part of its identity.

The Trophées Défis RSE were founded by Nora Barsali, a consultant in communications and CSR who is committed to the fight against inequality in the workplace. She created the Trophées to “acknowledge strongly-performing companies that take people and their environment into account in their development, and thus help to curb the inequalities caused by our society,” as she wrote in the presentation of the 2014 edition. Among the official partners of the event are the MEDEF (the Movement of French Enterprises), France’s largest entrepreneur network, EDF and the newspaper Les Échos. Danone received one of the eight trophies for its ambitious global CSR policy, and more particularly for Dan’Cares, the group’s programme for providing employees all over the world with health benefits and coverage, and the Danone Ecosystem Fund. Upon receiving the prize, Marc Benoit, Danone’s Executive Vice President of Human Resources, told Défis RSE: “What matters is that we keep going forward, that we keep rethinking our approach to go further. We are convinced that CSR is essential to building the Danone of tomorrow.”

Photos © Defis-RSE / Danone Ecosystem Fund

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