Danone Nutricia Research launches e-magazine The NutriJournal


The NutriJournal is a weekly online magazine that shares the latest news on food and health. It is mainly written for people who are interested in playing a proactive role in their health through nutrition.


On June 30th, Danone Nutricia Research announced the launch of its new e-magazine, The NutriJournal, which shares the latest news on food on health and highlights how nutrition can help us lead a healthy life. This positioning makes it a publication addressed to people who are increasingly convinced that they have a proactive role to play in health, and that food can be a strong ally. It offers them more information about the latest scientific and research activities in this field.

 Reinforcing proximity to science

Through weekly editions, The NutriJournal opens the doors to the pioneering science and research behind Danone’s scientific expertise in Fresh Dairy Products, Waters, Early Life Nutrition and Medical Nutrition. It also shares the voices of scientists and experts, from Danone and elsewhere, who live and work all around the world, by publishing their insights and their thoughts. The aim is reinforce proximity to the science behind Danone’s products, and to give the readers the tools to better understand their own health, as well as keeping them informed on the latest scientific discoveries. The NutriJournal reflects Danone Nutricia Research’s commitment to advancing science on a range of topics:

– Nutrition research programmes regarding healthier diets and lifestyles,

– The importance of drinking water for body function, cognition performance and good kidney function (you can read down to Earth’s articles on this topic here and here),

– Early life nutrition to shape health throughout life.

– Yogurt as an essential part of a balanced diet (read down to Earth’s article on this topic here),

– Medical nutrition for paediatric care and metabolics, active ageing and elderly care.


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