Danone Nutricia Research signs a new scientific cooperation agreement to work on nutrition and brain diseases


In June 2014, Nutricia Research announced it had signed a scientific cooperation agreement with Uludağ University in Turkey to investigate how medical nutrition can support the dietary management of various brain diseases.


On 3 June 2014, Danone Nutricia Research announced it was prolonging and deepening its scientific partnership with Dr Mehmet Cansev and his teams at Uludağ University in Turkey. For the next three years, Dr Cansev, an academic member of the Pharmacology Department at Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine, will lead the research to explore how medical nutrition can be a part of medical treatments for brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

 The importance of scientific collaboration

 Dr Cansev first came into contact with Danone Nutricia Research as a PhD student at the “Brain and Cognitive Sciences” department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he worked in Professor Richard Wurtman’s laboratory and participated in studies on Alzheimer’s Disease. The scientists notably discovered that specific nutritional supplements could help increase learning and memory functions and improve patients’ quality of life. “Our findings at MIT pioneered the manufacture of a nutritional supplement used in the early stages of Alzheimer’s,” Dr Cansev stated during a press conference. Dr Cansev later returned to Turkey and continued working on research topics that “coincide with Nutricia’s fields. Nutricia has been working on the concept of Medical Nutrition. The concept of Medical Nutritional can be summarized as « development of approaches using nutrient contents to support dietary management of diseases.” And I am studying the implementation of this concept on brain diseases.” This common interest led his laboratory and Nutricia to start cooperating in 2012. Their partnership is now being prolonged with a new, more comprehensive and longer term agreement through which the teams will investigate how medical nutrition can support the dietary management of various brain diseases.

This scientific agreement is part of Danone’s Research & Development approach, where activities “focus always on developing products grounded in science and with proven efficacy, using clinical trials and working in partnership with the best in each specialized field of its activities,” as a Nutricia Research’s press release explains. According to Nutricia Research spokesperson Heather Wagner, “collaboration is important at all levels for research. It is extremely important for us to collaborate with the right partners, who are state of the art and have a good reputation. It gives credit to Nutricia Research’s work, and it can also open new doors for us: if your partners work with new partners, that means new opportunities for you.” With this new agreement, Dr Cansev’s team and Nutricia are deepening their collaboration, and taking university-industry cooperation in Turkey a step further.

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