“When social impacts business”: a video to sum up Danone’s approach


A video shown by Franck Riboud during the Consumer Goods Forum demonstrates how Danone implements its dual economic and social project, in particular via the danone.communities fund, the Danone Ecosytem Fund and Dan’Cares.


During the Consumer Goods Forum held in Paris in June 2014, Danone CEO Franck Riboud gave a presentation about how social impacts business. The two have been closely linked in Danone’s DNA since the group defined the foundations of its dual economic and social project back in 1972. To accompany his presentation, Franck Riboud showed the audience a video that sums up Danone’s approach very well.

While the dual economic and social project runs through all Danone’s activities, several programmes and platforms are particularly emblematic of this ambition:

danone.communities, a fund and social business incubator that supports social businesses all over the world. It started in 2005 with the co-creation of Grameen Danone Foods with Professor Muhammad Yunus, and other projects followed, such as La Laiterie du Berger and 1001 Fountains (shown in the video).

– the Danone Ecosystem Fund, which strives to benefit Danone’s immediate environment by empowering its small stakeholders through support for 45 projects all over the world. These projects include Milk Collection Communities in Egypt and Pepenadores in Mexico, both shown in the video.

Dan’Cares, Danone’s programme to provide health coverage and benefits to its employees all over the world, including in countries where the social security system is not sufficient.

To learn more about these programmes, you can read our related articles and explore the danone.communities and Danone Ecosystem Fund websites.

Photo © Danone Ecosystem Fund.

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