“Dacca: a resilient city”


Corinne Bazina, former General Manager of Grameen Danone Foods Ltd in Dacca, Bangladesh, tells the radio station RFI why she admires the inhabitants of this city, which spawned the social business


Corinne Bazina is now the director of the danone.communities fund. Before that, she was General Manager of Grameen Danone Foods Ltd, and thus lived for four years in Dacca, the capital of Bangladesh. For the radio programme “7 milliards de voisins (7 billion neighbours)” on the international French-speaking network RFI, she describes what it was like to live in Dacca, which she calls a ‘resilient city.’

Energy and optimism in the midst of chaos

Twenty years ago, Dacca had 500,000 inhabitants. Today there are around 20 million, 5 million of whom live in townships.

“Living there was a life lesson in resilience. I was impressed at how people live in this human maelstrom, in this chaotic world, and how they manage to keep moving forward.”

She talks about their optimism and energy, and how they never give up.

Dacca is also the city of Professor Muhammad Yunus, and as such the hometown of micro-credit and the social business. Corinne Bazina’s work as General Manager of a social business like Grameen Danone Foods Ltd has enabled her to understand how the people of Bangladesh and Dacca live. She shares her memories and anecdotes, and tells the story of the social business and Grameen Danone. In a country marked by poverty and chronic malnutrition, the purpose of the social business was a definite challenge. If you are French-speaking, tune in here to join Corinne Bazina on a journey through Dacca, in “7 milliards de voisins”!

Photo ©  Juriaan Wossink via shutterstock


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