WAVE, an exhibition to celebrate collective ingenuity


The WAVE exhibition, designed by BNP Paribas, is curated by Navi Radjou. It highlights how, through creativity and collaboration, collective ingenuity can help change the world, even with little resources. There is strength in unity, they say.


Remember jugaad? Several months ago, we introduced this concept brought to fame byinnovation and leadership strategist Navi Radjou in his 2012 book ‘Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth’. ‘Jugaad’ is a Hindi word that can be defined as the ‘ability to improvise an efficient solution in a difficult context and with minimal use of resources.’ We might also add ‘and thanks to the dynamics of co-creation.’ Today, Navi Radjou is celebrating jugaad and, more widely, collective ingenuity through an exhibition designed by bank BNP Paribas, of which he is the scientific curator. WAVE is currently in Paris (September 10 to October 5 2014), in the beautiful La Villette Park. It highlights ingenious innovations from all over the planet that contribute to changing the world.

The 5 currents of collective ingenuity

Among these innovations is La Laiterie du Berger, a project supported by danone.communities. La Laiterie du Berger was created in Senegal by veterinarian Bagoré Bathily in 2006, when he realised that 90% of the milk consumed in Senegal was imported in powder form, while 30% of the population (and in particular the Peul community) makes a living though animal husbandry and could sell milk. Today, La Laiterie du Berger makes and sells its own yogurt, under the Dolima brand. It is the only yogurt made from 100% Senegalese milk.

Through La Laiterie du Berger, WAVE celebrates a wider movement: that of social business. It aims to highlight that companies too can change the world, if they include social and environmental benefits in their raisons d’être.

But there is of course more than one way to change the world: WAVE is in fact structured around the 5 currents of collective ingenuity: the sharing economy, the maker movement, the circular economy, the inclusive economy and co-creation. Several initiatives correspond to each current, and you can discover them all on the website. From low-cost cancer detection solutions to carpooling initiatives, urban farming, educational tools for the children of India and Beck’s latest crowdsourced album, you will find dozens of ideas to foster creativity, collaboration and enthusiasm.

In this spirit, on September 17 danone.communities held a workshop during which parents and children used their ingenuity to solve water-related problems. In a laid-back but focused atmosphere, families worked on puzzles which helped them better understand the physics of water and come up with new solutions to filter and purify it. A good start to the “thinking ingenious” attitude!

Photos © danone.communities

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