Danone is a performance leader in the fight against climate change


Danone takes place on the CDP “A List” of the best performing companies in the fight against climate change notably thanks to its ambitious carbon emissions’ reduction programme which resulted in a -37,4% carbon intensity reduction between 2007 and 2013.


On Wednesday 15 October 2014, CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) published a list of the 187 companies demonstrating a superior approach to reducing carbon emissions and mitigating the business risks of climate change. Danone is among them and  takes its place on the CDP “A List” ,



Over 2,000 businesses were assessed by CDP, an NGO supporting sustainable economic development. Collectively, the 187 companies on the 2014 list reduced their CO2 emissions by 33m tonnes compared with 2013 figures. They also achieved impressive financial results which, as CDP points out, demonstrates that reducing carbon emissions does not have to mean reducing profits.

According to this new study by CDP, , Danone is among France’s top ten companies with the highest performance score, and qualifies as one of the 2014 performance leaders on a global scale. CDP has reviewed around a hundred French companies, including all of the CAC40. Together, they have reduced their carbon footprint by 15.8m tonnes in 2014.

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