“Eating healthy, growing healthy”: Nutricia Poland’s project is a new way of fighting unbalanced nutrition-related diseases in Poland


On 14 November 2014, the new Danone Ecosystem Fund’s project ‘Eating Healthy, Growing Healthy’ was officially launched in Poland. Over the next 3 years, in line with Danone’s core mission to ‘bringing health through food to as many people as possible’, the ‘Eating healthy, growing healthy’ programme aims to empower 180 young dieticians to work as self-employed nutrition educators in day care centres (DCC) and kindergartens.


In Poland, toddlers’ diets are not well balanced and this is becoming a crucial issue in the country. 54% of Polish children between 1 and 3 have the wrong Body Mass Index, 90% eat too much salt and 80% eat too much sugar. Besides, numerous Polish children spend on average 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in Day Care Centres. These centres are thus responsible for 75% of children’s daily food intake.

The ‘Eating Healthy, Growing Healthy’ project aims to raise awareness on the close connection between food and health

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In this context, and with the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, the ‘Eating Healthy, Growing Healthy’ project aims to raise awareness on the close connection between food and health. It has been initiated by Nutricia Foundation in collaboration with the Comenius Foundation, an expert in running day care centres, the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, which will provide training courses accredited by « Mother and Child Institute » and Academic Business Incubators, which will develop young dieticians’ microbusiness skills. The goal is to tackle the problem of unsuitable nutrition for Polish toddlers by training young dieticians to work as self-employed experts, who can offer nutritional services to day care centres and parents.

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A major feature of the ‘Eating Healthy, Growing Healthy’ programme is also to provide dieticians with all the skills they need to become entrepreneurs.

This initiative will pave the way for them to work as independent professional educators and has the ambition to to create as many as 150 jobs for nutritional educators.

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Education about nutrition is a topic that has already been addressed several times here on Down to Earth (for instance here, here and here). But in a context of rising child obesity, empowering dieticians and people who work with children is a long-term approach to fighting obesity.

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