How people feed themselves in science fiction movies?


Our diet says a lot about us and the world we live in. That’s why science fiction regularly tackles the subject of food and shows us ways of eating that can be surprising – and sometimes just downright bizarre. SPOILER ALERT: this article reveals whole sections of the plot of certain films, so if you haven’t seen them yet, be warned that we might be spoiling the surprise for you.


1. Sleeper 1973

Cryogenically frozen 200 years previously, a man is brought back to life in 2173 by militant scientists who are counting on him to infiltrate and strike at the heart of their government. The man turns out to be shy and awkward, but in order to escape the clutches of the regime he flees, disguised at first as an in-home robot. Asked to cook in someone’s home, he rustles something up with the only ingredients that he has to hand, adds three different powders into a salad bowl and the result takes him by surprise. Later, whilst on the run in the countryside, he stumbles across a farm of the future that grows massive fruit and rears chickens the size of elephants, leading him to question, somewhat ironically, how good fertilizer is in the future.

2.Soylent Green 1973

soylent Green 2

In the not-too-distant future, earth’s resources have been exhausted, it’s impossible to breathe the air and the human race has forgotten the taste of fruit and vegetables. For food, people find themselves having to distribute rations of coloured crackers made from seaweed or nutrients from the sea. Social inequality is so great that only a tiny minority of governors and their entourages have access to ultra-rare foodstuffs. On the trail of the murderer of one of the governors, a policeman gradually learns the truth about how the world is really being fed

3. Brazil 1985

In a parallel world with a retro-futurist look, an ordinary worker finds himself caught in the clutches of a sprawling and all-powerful administrative power that could have been dreamt up by George Orwell. The blindness of his fellow workers verges on the absurd. As an example of how the world has become a complete aberration, the restaurant where our hero is seated deferentially serves dishes with clichéd names such as lobster bisque, duck à l’orange, and so on. But in actual fact they’re just coloured balls of fat that are so unrecognizable that each plate includes a photo of the original dish

4. Back to the Future 2 1989

A young man travels through different time periods in a time machine accompanied by a mad scientist, altering the history of his own family, which itself is closely connected to the history of the United States. When he takes a leap forward in time, he’s transported into his kitchen in the year 2015. Everything here is online, and the kitchen is equipped with a rehydrator, which is used to quickly heat up packaged food and restore it to its original size – three times bigger. A fruit orchard descends from the ceiling on command, and the house is crammed with online gadgets that once far-fetched, now seem more ordinary.

5. The 5th Element 1997

In the 23rd century, cities are built vertically and people travel around in flying cars. Space tourism has become the norm. When an evil menace hovers above the earth, our hero has to get his hands on a weapon devised long ago, made of five elements – earth, fire, water, air, and a fifth element that remains a mystery. To help him in his search, he’s joined by an orange-haired creature who possesses superhuman strength. When she arrives on earth, she’s welcomed by priests who feed her 23rd-century cuisine, by putting a pill in the microwave that instantly transforms into a complete meal on a plate.

6. Matrix 1999

The world as we know it is just an illusion programmed by machines that we’ve lost control of and which are now exploiting the human race. Only one small group of individuals witnesses the world as is in reality – post-apocalyptic, totally ravaged and in the hands of artificial intelligence that can keep humans alive but only in an unconscious state, submerged in the Matrix. And on the menu for the resistance fighters – an insipid goop that makes them regret everything they used to dream of.

7. Snowpiercer 2013

Earth has entered an ice age like never before. The last remaining survivors of the human race have boarded a train that’s been speeding non-stop around the world for 17 years. All they’ve had to eat in that time are some suspicious-looking black gelatine bars, which they’ve been happily devouring … until one of them takes a look in the kitchen.

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