8 videos that explain the circular economy


You may not have heard of the circular model economy but it has been described as a ‘trillion dollar opportunity’ as well as a way of making life more sustainable.


This video series presents perspectives from leaders across business, academia, policy and civil society as they explore the concept of the circular model and how growth can indeed be ‘green’. This is one of the key issues being explored in Beyond GDP series, as we look at ways of moving away from a linear ‘take-make-dispose’ way of living.

The global population is set to reach close to 9 billion by 2030. This increase will place huge pressure on resources and mean a change in the way we consume is needed more than ever.

The circular economy means redesigning systems for a more sustainable future. Nothing that is made in a circular economy will become waste.

A change to the global economy brings potential for innovation, job creation and economic development.

The Circular Economy Imperative

Ellen MacArthur, Founder, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, UK

Through her time as a solo off-shore sailor Dame Ellen MacArthur became aware of the importance of utilising resources, and the finite nature of the current, linear economy.

In this video she explains the idea of a circular economy, its benefits and why we must begin to transition towards it.

“The circular economy is a fundamentally different economic model, its taking the entire global economy, looking at it through a different lens and saying how can we valorise our economy to a higher level?”

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