Why be “Down to Earth” ?

Being Down to Earth means being aware of the world around us, how we impact it, how we can co-create with others solutions to improve it.

So we thought of this space as a lab where we can challenge current patterns, try to put new glasses on and maybe even shift paradigms for the future. That is why Down to Earth is not just another corporate blog : we are happy to share Danone's vision and innovative experiences as well as initiatives, everywhere in the world, that inspire us to constantly come up with new products and services that fit the largest number of people's needs.

Danone's jobs :

Waters, Fresh Dairy Products, Baby Nutrition and Medical Nutrition are related to the lives of millions, everyday, everywhere in the world. This gives us a responsibility, and also challenges what we do. How does our activity impact the environment? How can we provide as many people as possible with the best possible nutrition, and the products and services they need to lead a healthier life? How do we fit into a larger scheme of production that is beneficial to all the links of the chain? How do we support a positive social impact through our activities?

Here, on Down to Earth, we intend to push the reflection on these themes and, more widely, on the part that corporate companies can play among society. Because it is certain that the world of tomorrow will be different, and that we must constantly adapt, invent new models and challenge our habits. With our dual project in mind, corporate responsibility is at the core of our questioning and our businesses.

A company’s responsibility does not stop at the factory gates or the office door
Antoine Riboud

This approach is firmly rooted in Danone’s culture, and dates back to the speech Antoine Riboud gave to French business leaders in Marseille in 1972. He declared : “A company’s responsibility does not stop at the factory gates or the office door”, and defined for Danone a
dual commitment to both business success and social progress. To support this dual commitment, Danone has initiated labs to explore new ways while ensuring business performance in the long term. These labs have now turned into three main funds for social innovation that nourish the whole group's reflections and practices :

  • An innovative financial tool for supporting the development of social business initiatives that was created in 2007 and is now a social business incubator.
  • The Danone Ecosystem Fund, Launched in 2009 to support the partners of “Danone ecosystem” (small agricultural producers, small suppliers, etc.) in order to constantly strengthen the company's economic environment while ensuring a positive social impact around it.
  • The Livelihoods Fund, created in 2011, a unique new investment fund that gives partners access to carbon credits with a strong social impact.

In sustainable development more than any other area, we can only rise to the challenges if we are able to develop radically different approaches.

It is therefore more vital than ever that Danone’s eyes and ears be wide open to the world, to meet current expectations and make the necessary changes that will best prepare the company for those of tomorrow.

Our project :

Giving a voice to the people who are inventing new solutions, reflecting on new products and services that are more and more beneficial to all, visiting the places where change is made.

Our values :

High standards: we focus on the best ideas and practices. Optimism: what we see,
everyday, is living proof that many solutions to the problems the world is facing already exist, or are being co-created right now.
Sharing: the best initiatives in the world cannot develop to the most if no one hears of them. Humility: it is not about imposing ready-made solutions, but asking the appropriate questions and unceasingly looking for answers, everywhere and thanks to everyone we co-create with.


Being Down to Earth means knowing that you are part of a bigger picture.
With this blog, we work to define our own place in it.