Éric Ipavec: “It is one of the most beautiful experiences I have…

Meet Grameen Danone Foods’ new General Manager: Éric Ipavec, a man passionate about combining social and business impacts and the human dimension of his work.

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The downsides of environmental innovation

In June 2014, a solar roadways project sparked debate: do we need a new solar innovation when most roofs still are not equipped with solar panels? This question can be widened: as we wait for the next…

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Meet the man who replanted a forest all by himself

In the north of India, Jadav Payeng has been replanting trees on a river island since 1979. Today, “his” forest is rich in wildlife, and Payeng is the subject of an inspirational documentary.

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3 Tips to Make the Kids More Eco-friendly

As an environmentally friendly parent it is, of course, important to be a good example of environmentally friendly activities yourself. Here are three tips that can help you to engage your kids in environmentally…

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5 ways to improve global food security

Nearly 1 billion people around the world suffer from hunger. Considering that we already produce enough food to feed the whole planet, this should no longer be a problem. But there are a number of factors…

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The virtues of farm-to-table systems

The “farm-to-table” approach cuts down the number of intermediaries between food producers and consumers: it is good for the environment and for the long-term sustainability of local farming.

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“When social impacts business”: a video to sum up Danone’s…

A video shown by Franck Riboud during the Consumer Goods Forum demonstrates how Danone implements its dual economic and social project, in particular via the danone.communities fund, the Danone Ecosytem…

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Livelihoods celebrates co-creation at its annual “rendez-vous”

The 2014 edition of Livelihoods’ annual gathering brought together the entire “Livelihoods family” (investor companies, partner NGOs, partner institutions) to celebrate the achievements of the Fund…

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The Danone Ecosystem Fund rewarded by a BITC Big Tick 2014

The Danone Ecosystem Fund has just won a Big Tick from the Unilever International Award, supported by Business Fights Poverty. The Fund is rewarded for three of its sustainable projects in Egypt, Brazil…

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Boost your business with social inclusion

Diversity, disabilities and social inclusion can pave the way for new business opportunities – even in times of crisis. International social business advisor Tania Ellis shows you how.

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