Happycultors: a Tour de France of natural farming

In the blog she started in May last year, Margaux Bounine-Cabalé has been chronicling her Tour de France of natural farming in city and countryside alike: permaculture, organic farming, hydroponics and…

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The vertical farm

Growing crops in the city, without soil or natural light.

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The simple mistake people make when they try to eat healthy

Forget the nutrition facts label, the ingredients list and the say-so of experts: A new study finds that shoppers think a food is healthy only when it costs them more.

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The Economy of Ecology

We live in an unprecedented time where our economy seems to take the center stage of in our lives. Unfortunately our economy is constructed in a way that is simply incompatible with our ecology. You could…

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This Playful Lab-in-a-Box Will Teach You How to Reprogram Life

We’re in the midst of a life sciences revolution. The natural world, including our own bodies, is becoming malleable in a completely unprecedented way.

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Investors sharpen focus on social and environmental risks to stocks

Pfizer stock was riding high in June 2015, up 128 percent in five years, making it the second-most valuable American drug maker. Nine out of 10 Wall Street research analysts recommended that investors…

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Foodtech and personalized nutrition – From marketing to genetics

The trend towards increasing personalization of food is the result of the convergence of many scientific and technological advances and a growing demand from consumers for customized products and services,…

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What do young people care about? We asked 26,000 of them

What do young people think of technology, economics and the role of business in the modern world? One recent global survey offers us a good idea.

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The Hole in the Digital Economy

If the next president intends to improve American infrastructure and expand economic opportunities, there’s no better place to start than with the millions of people who still lack broadband access and…

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AI and Big Data vs. Air Pollution

Physics simulations and AI combine to give pollution forecasts to city dwellers in Beijing and beyond.

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