World Water Day: How the Danone Ecosystem Fund Pasuruan project…

As every year, March 22 is World Water Day. Set by the United Nations General Meeting in 1993, this event highlights sustainable development issues specifically related to water. One of the sustainable…

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Danone joins forces with Nestle and Origin Materials to develop…

Danone and Nestlé Waters have joined forces with Origin Materials, a Californian research and development company, to form the Natur’ALL Bottle Alliance. Their aim is to be the first to commercialize…

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A brief manual on eco-design

What if we changed the way we design the products we consume to meet environmental challenges? This is the idea behind eco-design, which aims to make the manufacturing process more environmentally-friendly…

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Danone’s initiatives to foster circular economy

Danone and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation announced a partnership aimed at accelerating the global transition to a circular economy. Take a look at some circular projects set in by Danone over the last…

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Plane fuelled by plastic waste completes trailblazing flight

British-born pilot and environmentalist Jeremy Rowsell has made history this week by flying a light aircraft across Australia using a conventional fuel blended with fuel derived from plastic waste. EurActiv’s…

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Swedish supermarkets replace sticky labels with laser marking

Food retailers aiming to cut plastic packaging by ditching stickers on fruits and vegetables, instead using hi-tech ‘natural branding’

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Ellen MacArthur Foundation: a partnership for the circular economy

Danone and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation today announce a partnership aimed at accelerating the global transition to a circular economy. For decades, conventional supply chains have been linear; taking,…

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Happycultors: a Tour de France of natural farming

In the blog she started in May last year, Margaux Bounine-Cabalé has been chronicling her Tour de France of natural farming in city and countryside alike: permaculture, organic farming, hydroponics and…

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The vertical farm

Growing crops in the city, without soil or natural light.

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The simple mistake people make when they try to eat healthy

Forget the nutrition facts label, the ingredients list and the say-so of experts: A new study finds that shoppers think a food is healthy only when it costs them more.

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