The South African vineyard where all workers are co-owners

At the Bosman Family Vineyards, harvesters, wine makers and workers all have a stake in the business which operates as a sustainable farming community.

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Commission official: ‘Bioeconomy is a unique opportunity to address…

More and more member states are adopting bioeconomy plans and the EU is actively encouraging its Central and Eastern European partners to develop their own strategies. EurActiv Slovakia talked to the Commission’s…

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From « zero packaging » to « zero…

In Europe and the USA, the zero waste movement has led to an increase in package-free grocery stores and supermarkets. While the idea appeals to ecology-conscious consumers, zero packaging is only one…

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All you need to know about the circular economy

Extracting, manufacturing, consuming, discarding: the foundations of the linear economy, on which our capitalist system is based, are reaching their limits. Their environmental impact, the depletion of…

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What is COP 13 (yes, 13)?

On 4 December 201, COP 13 opened in Cancun (Mexico), and will last until 17 December. A month after COP 22 in Marrakech, are you rather confused by all these acronyms? Here's a quick reminder about the…

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If Nature had a human personality, what would it be?

It can be foolish to anthropomorphize the natural world. Perhaps the most frequent version of this failing is when people attribute human thoughts and emotions to animal behavior. Look at that adorable…

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Farmerama radio: Agroforestry, sustainable tech and food sovereignty

Farmerama have learnt that farming’s best economic models mimic nature’s clever ways and make many things from the same piece of land – Farmer Stephen Briggs calls it ecological intensification.…

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Free coffee and half price bike repairs: Amsterdam rewards its recyclers

In the Noord district, residents are offered discounts at local shops in exchange for their plastic waste.

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Will climate change deprive us of coffee?

What if coffee disappeared in a few decades because of global warming? This is what is suggested by the highly dependable Climate Institute in a report commissioned by the international label Fairtrade,…

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This Spiky Fruit Could Feed Drought-Stricken India

Jackfruit trees can withstand extreme weather and have high yields—but entrepreneurs have to figure out how to leverage the oft-wasted crop.

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