circular economy

Danone’s initiatives to foster circular economy

Danone and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation announced a partnership aimed at accelerating the global transition to a circular economy. Take a look at some circular projects set in by Danone over the last…

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Ellen MacArthur Foundation: a partnership for the circular economy

Danone and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation today announce a partnership aimed at accelerating the global transition to a circular economy. For decades, conventional supply chains have been linear; taking,…

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From « zero packaging » to « zero…

In Europe and the USA, the zero waste movement has led to an increase in package-free grocery stores and supermarkets. While the idea appeals to ecology-conscious consumers, zero packaging is only one…

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All you need to know about the circular economy

Extracting, manufacturing, consuming, discarding: the foundations of the linear economy, on which our capitalist system is based, are reaching their limits. Their environmental impact, the depletion of…

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The circular economy: eliminating plastic?

By 2020, plastic cutlery, cups and plates will be banned in France, together with single-use plastic bags. Voted by Parliament, these decisions form part of an approach involving green growth, the circular…

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The “fixer” revolution is on its way

In the context of an economic and ecological crisis and after decades of planned obsolescence, fixing philosophy is gaining increasingly ground. More and more, fixing your bike, your printer or your coffee…

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8 videos that explain the circular economy

You may not have heard of the circular model economy but it has been described as a ‘trillion dollar opportunity’ as well as a way of making life more sustainable.

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Google & The Circular Economy

Google's data centers are achieving zero waste, leading in energy efficiency and run on renewable energy. All part of their commitment to making a positive impact on the environment.

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Yet more reports tout circular economy as road to emissions reduction,…

A new report from relief and development charity Tearfund and the Institute of Development Studies suggests that businesses and governments could help save lives and create jobs by adopting a circular…

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Zero Waste Festival: Targeting food waste

At the first-ever French event dedicated to reducing everyday waste, solutions for preventing food waste abounded.

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