circular economy

Google & The Circular Economy

Google's data centers are achieving zero waste, leading in energy efficiency and run on renewable energy. All part of their commitment to making a positive impact on the environment.

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Yet more reports tout circular economy as road to emissions reduction,…

A new report from relief and development charity Tearfund and the Institute of Development Studies suggests that businesses and governments could help save lives and create jobs by adopting a circular…

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Zero Waste Festival: Targeting food waste

At the first-ever French event dedicated to reducing everyday waste, solutions for preventing food waste abounded.

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Danone on its way to green procurement

Ratings agency Vigeo Eiris awarded last June its Top Performers 2016 prize to Danone in the environment category. This recognises the group's commitment to environmental issues in its supply chain management.…

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Business, NGO Leaders Stress the Need for the Circular Economy in…

A new 18-minute documentary film, Circularity: Preparing for the New Economy, calls for a radical overhaul of current economic systems. Featuring commentary from a number of business analysts, the film…

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Recognition for the “Makers” of the Circular Economy

In January, the World Economic Forum in Davos also provided an opportunity to turn the spotlight on the men and women who are helping to transform our resource-hungry linear economy into a circular economy.…

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Toward a circular economy in food

The French food and water company Danone has a history of environmental awareness. In this interview (McKinsey Quarterly) with McKinsey partner Clarisse Magnin, CEO Emmanuel Faber discusses his commitment…

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Is circular economy the consumption mode of the future?

In the Western world, the principles of the circular economy are increasingly impacting consumer habits, and questioning the dominance of the hyperconsumption model that has prevailed since the end of…

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A guide to implementing the circular economy in your business

Looking to embrace the circular economy model but not sure where to start? Daan Elffers shares the initial steps that companies can take in the first year.

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