climate change

Trending: finally, end-of-life solutions for two of our least recyclable…

As the ongoing effort to mitigate climate change leads many businesses and governments to create a circular economy, we still face a number of roadblocks – namely in the end of life of certain products…

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Will climate change deprive us of coffee?

What if coffee disappeared in a few decades because of global warming? This is what is suggested by the highly dependable Climate Institute in a report commissioned by the international label Fairtrade,…

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Google Earth update shows how climate change has morphed our planet

The revised timelapse feature lets you see glaciers receding and sea levels rising in even sharper detail.

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It’s time to transform Africa through Climate Smart Agriculture

Climate change and food insecurity could shape Africa’s future.

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A timeline of Earth’s average temperature

When people say "the climate has changed before", these are the kind of changes they are talking about

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Reykjavik announces plans to be carbon neutral by 2040

Iceland’s capital has laid out ambitious plans to become completely carbon neutral by the year 2040. By controlling urban sprawl, increasing public transportation, and shaping all forms of transit to…

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Women have a key role to play for sustainable development in business

The historic Paris Climate Agreement was signed in New York by 175 countries. In its wake, companies have also made commitments, as with the "Two Degrees of Change" initiative, which makes gender equality…

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Bill Gates: World will deliver ‘clean energy breakthrough’…

Tech billionaire predicts innovation will deliver the clean energy the world desperately needs, but only if young people, businesses, and governments step up to the plate, reports Business Green. Bill…

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Climate Change, the #1 threat to the Global Economy

Published on January 14, the Global Risks Report 2016 identifies the failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation as the top risk to the global economy for the decade to come. Presented here is…

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A look back on COP 21 and Danone’s climate ambition

On December 12, COP 21 ended successfully in Paris with an ambitious international agreement. Here is an overview of Danone’s climate commitments during COP 21.

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