Full speed ahead to COP 22: assessment and prospects

On 4 November, COP 22 is opening in Marrakech. After Paris in 2015, when some 195 countries signed a historic climate agreement, what should we expect from this new edition? What headway achieved in Paris…

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A look back on COP 21 and Danone’s climate ambition

On December 12, COP 21 ended successfully in Paris with an ambitious international agreement. Here is an overview of Danone’s climate commitments during COP 21.

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The biggest climate stories of 2015

2015 has been a big year for climate change. The year has witnessed dizzying highs and stunning lows, from the hottest January on record, to March, when global carbon dioxide levels hit a million-year…

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Has Water Fallen through the Cracks of the Climate Threat?  

While COP 21 has focused its debates on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it seems, at the very least, to have overlooked the question of water, despite the fact that this resource, too, is threatened…

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Solutions for the Climate on show at the Grand Palais

While world leaders attempted to reach an agreement on CO2 emission reduction targets at Le Bourget, the Grand Palais welcomed companies and organizations that were keen to exhibit their solutions for…

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Place to B: Changing the Narrative about Climate Change

How to tell the story of climate change? Answers from the narrative experts at Place to B, who came together in Paris in parallel to COP 21, from November 28 to December 12.

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Climate Resilient Economy: from utopia to mainstream

For the opening of the Solutions COP21 exhibition at the Grand Palais on December 4, Danone organized a conference dedicated to the different levers for creating a carbon-neutral economy in the long run.…

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Danone Ecosystem Fund: practical solutions for the climate

The COP21 is now. Between 30 November and 11 December, some 150 heads of state need to come to an agreement on measures to limit global warming to 2°C by 2100. The meeting will make it possible to take…

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Climate Week Paris: a week of commitment for business and investors

Climate Week took place in Paris from May 18 to 24 at UNESCO headquarters. During this international meeting, the leaders of big groups and SMEs joined forces with policymakers from all over the world.…

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