The UNEP report sets the pathway for attaining global carbon neutrality…

In a new report, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) says global carbon neutrality could be reached by the second half of the century. Published in November, in advance of the UN conference on climate…

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How a small British garden became a mature food forest

Many years ago I picked up a book called The Permaculture Garden, by Graham Bell. I was more than a little hooked by the practical tips and inspiring visions of urban and suburban gardens turned into food…

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The Netherlands just got greener with solar powered bike lanes.…

The Netherlands are renowned for their huge population of cyclists. In fact, 27% of all trips nationwide are taken by bicycle, with higher numbers in cities and rural areas, such asGroningen which possibly…

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How a 20-something persuaded thousands of kenyan farmers to save…

Micro-forestry provides a way to re-green the land and provide a profit to poor families at the same time.

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Danone is a performance leader in the fight against climate change

Danone takes place on the CDP “A List” of the best performing companies in the fight against climate change notably thanks to its ambitious carbon emissions’ reduction programme which resulted in…

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5 short films with famous hosts hope to rebrand environmentalism

With Harrison Ford as the angry voice of the ocean and Kevin Spacey, the rainforest with a sarcastic streak, these films challenge perceptions that nature is fragile and only worth preserving for our pleasure.

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Can you rise to the 4Liters Challenge ?

A new viral campaign aims to make you use no more than 4 litres of water a day, to raise awareness on water scarcity, and money to fund clean water projects. Are you in?

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Get to Know the Top Ten Greenest Cities in the World for 2014

The world is undoubtedly a beautiful place to live in. Every single human being is privileged to be a part of all the wonders and beauty of this planet called Earth. Over time though, things happened and…

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How green is your tech ?

Climate change is on nearly everybody’s mind, in one way or another. Becoming more aware of the effects of emissions on the environment, people are looking for “greener” ways to live, from buying…

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Biking or walking may be the secret to a happier life

People who walk or cycle to work reported better concentration and lower levels of stress, compared to people who drive a car.

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