Rewilding cities for Resilience

Since the dawn of civilisation, settlements and their growth have directly related to the natural world and its resources. Furthermore designing with nature has been well documented since the work of Ian…

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2015 Ramsar Convention: Sustainable development requires the protection…

From June 1 to 9, the city of Punta del Este, in Uruguay, hosted the 12th Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention (COP12). A few months before the Paris Climate Conference, the 168…

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Here’s What a Massive 5-Year Study of Ocean Life Reveals

Scientists don't know how climate change may affect life in the ocean

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Why should we all be concerned about the use of insecticides?

On March 19, 2015, the French Parliament banned neonicotinoids as from 2016. Blamed for killing bees and destroying ecosystems, this insecticide now needs to be prohibited in other countries. After the…

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The Earth’s biodiversity has alarmingly decreased… but there…

In its latest Living Planet Report, the WWF paints a decidedly bleak picture of the state of biodiversity, while another report by the Convention on Biological Diversity highlights the impacts of ocean…

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Travelling responsibly: the issues facing ecotourism

Since the International Year of Ecotourism, in 2002, ecotourism initiatives have multiplied. The concept has become more visible, and the figure of the responsible and committed tourist has emerged. But…

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« Raise your voice, not the sea level”: World Environment…

This year’s World Environment Day focuses on the threat the rising sea level poses to developing island states, and encourages the citizens of the world to take action.

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Animal welfare: an important challenge for sustainability

Animal well-being is becoming increasingly important for consumers and stakeholders, as well as for agrofood companies, which need to make a closer link between environmental protection and business profitability.

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Some unconventional thoughts about food security

By Emmanuel Faber, co-Chief Operating Officer, Danone.

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