Africa’s largest solar farm is now fully operational!

The Jasper solar farm, located near Kimberley in South Africa, is now the continent's largest solar power project.

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Crazy As It Sounds, Solar Could Be The World’s Most Important…

Experts believe that a solar boom is both feasible and necessary in order to reign in warming to safe levels.

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Green Innovations Are Bringing Energy-Saving Technology Home

Advances in technology and consumer demand for energy-saving devices have made green technology increasingly accessible. Many innovations are geared toward homeowners looking to lower not only their energy…

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This eco-friendly supermarket is using food waste to power its store

When you think about how often food in your fridge goes bad and needs to be thrown out, it’s easy to see how the issue of food waste would be amplified for places such as restaurants and supermarkets.

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Musical shaker could light the way home for African school kids

The Spark, created by Sudha Kheterpal -- a UK-based percussionist, is a percussive shaker that converts the energy from playing it into electricity

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This Nigerian College Student Built a Wind- And Solar-Powered Car…

Segun Oyeyiola took a Volkswagen Beetle and turned it into a fully renewable off-road vehicle. He's not going to stop working on it until it becomes the future of driving in Nigeria.

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Nice shades: 7 Fast growing shade trees to slash your electric bill

The free solar energy that hits the Earth each day can keep us warm, light our homes, grow our food, and generate clean renewable electricity, so we often invite it into our lives, but when the weather…

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World Water Day 2014 on Water and Energy: how evian contributes

The 21st World Water Day last week focused on the link between water and energy, and more specifically on how solutions to water-energy issues can achieve greater economic and social impacts. Here is evian’s…

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How much energy does living in a walkable neighborhood actually…

Changing all your light bulbs to energy savers saves as much energy in one year as moving to a walkable city does in a week

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The Top 8 Energy Stories Of 2013

Changing how we power our world is not as difficult as we think, as these stories from the last year show.

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