Q&A with Ashoka’s Maria Escorcia: Boosting entrepreneurship…

Changemakers can come from anywhere, including the corporate world. Just look at Maria Escorcia, director of the South Florida chapter of Ashoka, a nonprofit that supports a network of 3,000 social entrepreneurs…

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Pakistan gives rise to a new wave of social entrepreneurs

The emergence of social enterprises over the last two decades has driven social innovation and created sustainable and scalable solutions in several parts of the developing world. Social enterprise, a…

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Empowering vendors in South Africa’s townships

“Entrepreneurship for the townships”, the Danone Ecosystem Fund’s new project creates job opportunities for township women and empowers street vendors, while providing Danone South Africa with a…

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A “Tour de France” of entrepreneurship to change the world

From 26 August to 6 September, 50 young people from all backgrounds embarked on a tour of France organised by Ticket for Change. The idea was to introduce them to 40 committed and innovative entrepreneurs…

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‘I believe the future of business is social’

The founder of Pure Social Enterprise speaks to us about why he decided to start up a social enterprise

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How can we keep pollution out of urban gardens and farms?

Community gardens provide city residents with many benefits, like healthy local produce, social connection and can even reduce stress. But pollution in urban areas, particularly ones with industrial histories,…

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5 Insights From Social Entrepreneurs On How Business Can Lift People…

Business can be a huge driver of change around the world, but it has to be the right kind of business, run the right way.

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7 innovative organizations have received the Skoll Award for Social…

This year's winners of the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship are making an inspiring impact. Meet the Awardees.

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How to get ahead … as a social entrepreneur

A new guide for social entrepreneurs offers advice about where they can get help, start-up funds and develop their business

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‘A Meeting of Minds’

World’s largest global health and social entrepreneurship conference set for April

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