Your Food Is Going To Be Grown By Robots, As They Take Over The…

Self-driving tractors. Robots that do the weeding. The days of the farmhand may be numbered.

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“We aim to help the farmers develop their activity long-term”

Four questions to Abderrazak Halfaoui, project manager of H’lib Dzair, Danone Ecosystem Fund’s new project in Algeria.

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Solar farms can enhance biodiversity and sequester soil carbon too

Utility-scale solar farms are cropping up across the world. But what does this growth mean for land-use in the countryside? New research, backed by leading UK conservation charities, suggests that far…

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Are you wondering how to start a community garden?

It’s no wonder that community gardens are growing in popularity. Working in a vegetable garden is a lot of fun, whether it’s digging for stray potatoes, pulling up funny-shaped carrots, or searching…

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How can we keep pollution out of urban gardens and farms?

Community gardens provide city residents with many benefits, like healthy local produce, social connection and can even reduce stress. But pollution in urban areas, particularly ones with industrial histories,…

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The World’s Largest Urban Farm Is Coming To Washington

BrightFarms is building a 100,000-square-foot greenhouse that will supply grocery stores and food banks.

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13 Empowering Stories of Women in Family Farming

To celebrate the 2014 International Year of Family Farming, Farming First has curated a list of 13 inspiring stories of women’s empowerment as heads of rural family farms

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Agroecology: the future of agriculture?

“Agroecology” is one of a myriad new concepts that aim to make agriculture more sustainable and at the same time more efficient. But this one might well become the next big thing in “traditional”…

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Influencing change: What matters for farmers’ ability to adapt…

A recent study provides insights into factors playing a role in adaptation to climate change on smallholder farms in East and West Africa and South Asia.

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A Huge Underground Farm Hidden 100 Feet Beneath London’s Streets

It's hard to find enough space for urban farms to grow enough local produce to feed a big city. Unless you put the whole farm below in an abandoned tunnel.

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