How 15th May made history

The main event of the Global Communities Meeting Tour hosted by danone.communities took place in Paris last year. Here is an account of this special day, packed with ideas and enthusiasm.

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UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme

In 1971, UNESCO launched the Man and the Biosphere Programme to study our impact on nature and how it could be minimized. 40 years later, the programme continues to shape the future of sustainability and…

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James Lovelock: Gaïa: A New Look at Life on Earth

Focus on one of the founding works of modern ecology: the Gaia hypothesis, unveiled to the world by scientist James Lovelock at the end of the 1970’s

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A brief history of yogurt

Yogurt is one of the most consumed, best known and most popular foodstuffs around the world. It dates back five millenniums and spread rapidly in Europe and the Western world throughout the 20th century.…

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Paul Jozef Crutzen: the age of the anthropocene

Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen set a landmark when he established that our activities, and the resulting emissions, were damaging our atmosphere and endangering our environment. He also has surprising…

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Eco-Emballages: 20 years making packaging more environmentally-friendly

Twenty years ago, a private company called Eco-Emballages was created at the initiative of consumer goods firms with the aim of “installing, organising, supervising and funding the selective collection,…

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The 1972 speech: a milestone of Danone’s history turns 40

In 1972, Antoine Riboud defined corporate social responsibility before an audience of top industry leaders. This speech has been inspiring Danone’s approach to business, social and environmental challenges…

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Danone and Farre: a story of integrated farming

Danone has been a member of Farre, the French Forum for integrated farming, for over 12 years. Here are a few insights into this collaboration and the way it fits into the group’s core strategy.

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The Danone Nations Cup: “Playing with the world”

Next week, the 13th World Final of the DNC will see children from 40 different countries gather in Warsaw. The event will involve competing for the title, of course, but also sharing common values and,…

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Arthur Tansley: the founding father of ecology was an “honnête…

He was one of the most influential botanists of the twentieth century, establishing ecology as a field of research and finding the time to write key pieces on psychoanalysis. Meet Arthur George Tansley:…

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