food waste

This innovative food packaging will keep you from throwing perfectly…

Most often, food is still edible for a few days, sometimes even weeks, after the suggested date on the label.

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These short films sum up the huge, ridiculous problem of food waste

The world puts scarce water, fossil fuels, and pesticides to growing food, but then goes ahead and tosses away 30% of it. In no other system would that be acceptable.

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Activist fuels his bike tour with dumpster food to call attention…

By eating from dumpsters during his cycling tour across America, activist Rob Greenfield is hoping to draw attention to, and find solutions for, food waste.

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Easy and original ways to fight food waste

The European Union has declared 2014 European Year Against Food Waste. To support this initiative, the European Commission has funded FUSIONS (Food Use for Social Innovation by Optimising Waste Prevention…

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5 ways to improve global food security

Nearly 1 billion people around the world suffer from hunger. Considering that we already produce enough food to feed the whole planet, this should no longer be a problem. But there are a number of factors…

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This eco-friendly supermarket is using food waste to power its store

When you think about how often food in your fridge goes bad and needs to be thrown out, it’s easy to see how the issue of food waste would be amplified for places such as restaurants and supermarkets.

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