5 Reasons to Be Optimistic about Sustainability in 2014

Looking back at 2013 here are five trends that should keep you optimistic about sustainability in 2014:

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Local Food delivered by Slow Boat down the Hudson River

A Vermont farmer is selling and shipping his goods on a boat that is traveling down the Hudson River and coming into port at stops along the way.

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Fresh Moves: A Grocery Store In A Bus

The Fresh Moves mobile produce market is intent on proving to larger supermarkets that there’s a market for fresh produce in food deserts.

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Infographic: Our Food and Agriculture In Numbers

FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation) collects and disseminates food and agriculture statistics from approximately 245 countries and 35 regions from 1961 to the present.

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Top 10 Tweeters On Sustainable Food

Who is driving and shaping the food conversation in the Twittersphere? The Guardian Sustainable Business published a list of Twitter accounts on food issues that you should definitely follow!

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Danone’s subsidiary in Morocco supports healthy nutrition for…

Centrale Laitière, Danone’s subsidiary in Morocco, has made the heart of its mission to provide health through food. The programmes for children it carries out are good examples of this commitment.

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From synthetic steak to swede: back to the future

The menu of the future: pills, plankton, nitrogen bars and more. Will these rather unappetizing premonitions that, in some cases, date back to the early 20th century actually come to pass some day?

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The call of the land in Ethiopia

The Livelihoods Fund, which was created by Danone in partnership with other companies, is supporting large scale agro-forestry projects in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Coming back from a trip in Ethiopia,…

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Danone is incorporating the RISE tool into its assessment of sustainable…

In order to further and refine its approach on sustainable agriculture, Danone is working with its own tools, and integrating others developed by external and qualified sources. It is now in the process…

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How to Double Global Food Production by 2050

Discover four steps could be taken to help feed the large population predicted for 2050 as well as reduce the sizeable harm agriculture imposes.

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