Infographic: Key opportunities for unlocking sustainable change

Senior leaders in sustainability reveal their thoughts on the major opportunities for sustainable business.

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Infographic: Our Food and Agriculture In Numbers

FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation) collects and disseminates food and agriculture statistics from approximately 245 countries and 35 regions from 1961 to the present.

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Interactive Infographic: Picturing A Lifetime of Clean Water Access

Every year, around 60 millon children are born into households without access to sanitation. Discover this interactive infographic from

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World Energy Report

Reblogged from TriplePundit: « […] How the world would look if everyone lived like an average American? It turns out that although we only comprise 5% of the global population, Americans…

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Infographic: Facts about the global water crisis

Designed by Jacob Johnson, Water Way To Go is part of a series of posters and infographics delineating the significance of the global water crisis currently devastating our planet.

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Strawberry Communities

This is a project to develop strawberry production in Ukraine by providing cultivation best practices through cooperative services.

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Pemulungs: The recycling people in Indonesia

For more information on Danone Ecosystem Fund and its projects, click here or visit @Adeline_Bordot

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The two sides of the Food Crisis

This quite disturbing infographic created by a Public Health Degree and found on treehugger denounces the “other side of the food crisis”: while we tend to ask ourselves “how are we going to grow…

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Infographic: A global picture of health food

A global survey conducted by The Nielsen Company found that people from different countries and cultures generally agree on how to lose weight and what foods are the healthiest.

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The family tree of ecology

Over the past century, ecology has become a main concern for mankind, and thus for governments, international organizations and companies. But where does the concept come from ? Who forged it, what events…

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