Infographic: what’s wrong with our food system?

Around the world every night, one in seven people go to bed hungry—that’s almost one billion people. People are hungry not because there isn’t enough food produced but because our food system is…

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Interactive Infographic: Your Daily Dose of Water

Every time you flush the toilet, wash your hands, drive your car, or take a bite of your lunch, you’re using water. The biggest surprise may be that 95 percent of your water footprint isn’t from a…

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World of CO2

Here is an infographic helping us visualize the total Carbon Dioxyde emissions throughout the world. Click on the image to visualize the infographic. Reblogged from :  To have a more precise…

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China eco-longmen project: better water for a better life

Discover this "Danone Ecosystem Fund" infographic and who protecting longmen's water resources by involving local farming communities.

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Agriculture and the green economy

A glimpse of the Farming First's infographic on the green economy.

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The history of food conservation

Storage and conservation of food has always been a major challenge to feed mankind in times of shortage. And man has always proven very ingenious to come up with efficient, surprising and innovatrive ways…

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Danone’s crazy challenge: 30% less CO2 over 4 years!

Danone is on its way to achieve one crazy challenge: 30% less CO2/kg between 2008 and 2012!

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The Global State of Agriculture

We need to increase food production by 70 percent by 2050 in order to meet the needs of people around the world. Agriculture is needed in developing countries, and if women had equal access to resources…

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The Semilla Project

In Mexico City, impacted by poverty, women are particularly affected by inequalities: domestic violence, difficult access to education, job insecurity in the informal sector… By planning to create 4…

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Farming for the long haul

Conservation has become critical due to the rise of the world’s population over the years, which means that more food needs to be produced every year. Conservation agriculture is a set of farming practices…

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