Innovations to Clean Up the Ocean

Bigger than the United States. That’s the expanse of ocean today where millions of disposed plastic products have accumulated. Fortunately, a growing number of initiatives are being developed to reduce…

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Toward Zero-Impact Ocean Farming?

“My job is not to save the seas; my job is to figure out how they can save us” - Bren Smith For decades now, ecologists have been battling reef deterioration, pollution and overfishing... but what…

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Protecting the Ocean: a profitable activity, according to the WWF

On June 4, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) published a report entitled “Marine Protected Areas: Smart Investments in Ocean Health.” According to the environmental organization, the protection and extension…

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7 important ocean trends, and what we can do about them

More than 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. About 97% of it exists in our oceans. But the oceans aren’t just full of aquatic creatures and colorful coral that comprise the perfect…

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Gray whale makes record migration across North Pacific

A whale's journey across the Pacific Ocean is the longest recorded migration of any mammal, say scientists.

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