A Family Affair: Profiles in Waste

8 families. 1 week. When we’re through, waste won’t stand a chance. See their stories and the 7 tips to help you reduce, reuse and compost your waste

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Solar Impulse flight across the US in pictures

The Swiss-made plane, powered only by the sun, is the first to make the trip both day and night without using conventional fuel. It started the journey on May 3 in California and ended on July 6 in New…

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Hifadhi distribution in pictures

In Kenya, Livelihoods has partnered with Climate Pal to invest in an ambitious project aiming to improve large scale cook-stoves and to create a dynamic community for reforestation and small-scale agriculture.

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Too beautiful to be real? 8 surreal landscapes found on Earth

These locations may seem like a series of elaborate movie sets, but they are real destinations that you might want to see for yourself. Here is a selection from an article posted by Mother Nature Network…

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Nature Photographer of the Year

Dozens of images made it through to the final round of the Nature Photographer of the Year 2013 competition, organised by the Society of German Nature Photographers (GDT). Pictures were submitted in the…

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Olympic Milk Bottle Sculpture Looks Like Polar Landscape

Check out this wonderful sculpture made from thousands of recycled plastic milk bottles in the context of the 2012 Olympic Games:

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