Why robots are the promise of a better future than you think

Robots might seem to threaten our jobs and our livelihoods, but they are in fact tools that can improve our performance and set us free from demeaning or dangerous tasks. In the environmental field, they…

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How mushrooms and worms contribute to the future of agriculture

Sustainable agriculture has a complicated equation to solve: how do we preserve the environment while maintaining yield? The answer may lies with the fauna and microbes that constitute the soil’s biodiversity…

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The challenges of educating on sustainability

Environmental and sustainability education is a topic that is now coming to the fore: national and European initiatives are looking to give children the tools to understand the world they live in, and…

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The downsides of environmental innovation

In June 2014, a solar roadways project sparked debate: do we need a new solar innovation when most roofs still are not equipped with solar panels? This question can be widened: as we wait for the next…

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Is circular economy the consumption mode of the future?

In the Western world, the principles of the circular economy are increasingly impacting consumer habits, and questioning the dominance of the hyperconsumption model that has prevailed since the end of…

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Breakthrough innovations that will shape the world in 2025

A world where food is plentiful and drugs are personalized may not be as far off as it seems.

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The future of African chocolate is organic

Organic farming is slowly developing in Africa, the world’s leading cocoa producer. In a context of rising demand for both chocolate and sustainable products, switching to organic production might mean…

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Can international events really be green?

The government of Brazil promised that the football World Cup, hosted by the country and starting today, would be an ecological event. A growing number of music festivals and other large gatherings now…

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Is a zero waste life possible?

The media success of zero waste initiatives proves that Western consumers are increasingly willing to change their behaviour. But they also need a little help from the consumer goods industry's biggest…

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« Raise your voice, not the sea level”: World Environment…

This year’s World Environment Day focuses on the threat the rising sea level poses to developing island states, and encourages the citizens of the world to take action.

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