Animal welfare: an important challenge for sustainability

Animal well-being is becoming increasingly important for consumers and stakeholders, as well as for agrofood companies, which need to make a closer link between environmental protection and business profitability.

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Documentary aims to make permaculture more accessible

"Inhabit" A Permaculture Perspective is a documentary film project that explores the tools for and promise of meeting human needs while also caring for and regenerating ecosystem health. It is an exploration…

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Will “clean cows” change the face of agriculture?

Cows are responsible for a large part of our greenhouse gas emissions, but they are also indispensable to the human diet. Fortunately, there are ways to limit their impact on the environment.

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Assessing Sustainability Literacy everywhere in the world

Although corporate education programmes on social responsibility, sustainability and social innovation have been flourishing in Higher Education Institutions, we lacked an international standard to assess…

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Agroecology: the future of agriculture?

“Agroecology” is one of a myriad new concepts that aim to make agriculture more sustainable and at the same time more efficient. But this one might well become the next big thing in “traditional”…

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The diets of the future: will obesity conquer the whole world?

Obesity, the “mal du siècle,” is conquering both the developed and developing worlds. In a recent report, British think tank the Overseas Development Institute explores how changing diets affect public…

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Biomimicry: how nature inspires innovative solutions to water management…

An annual international challenge rewards the most inspired imitations of nature, used to solve human problems. Last year, the Biomimicry Student Challenge focused on water access and management.

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Is “Red China” about to become a green superpower?

While China is still officially opposing the Western world in international environmental talks, the country’s position is evolving. Its economical growth is threatening to be curbed by ecological problems…

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Anne-Catherine Husson-Traoré: “We encourage business actors to…

The Director General of Novethic and expert on Socially Responsible Investing strives to raise awareness among the public and the business world on the need to think – and act – for the long run.

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Reverse innovation: how developing countries inspire the developed…

The definition of innovation is evolving in the wake of the multiple crises faced by the world. It is no longer only happening in the labs of Western R&D departments. Or, to be more accurate, we are now…

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