The Octave Programme: fostering the dialogue between generations

Last week, the second edition of the Octave Programme was held in Évian: a multigenerational, inter-company leadership seminar aimed at helping young people, seniors and the ones in between to understand…

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« If we can translate that connection that we have with…

The little girl who gave a speech at the 1992 Earth Summit has grown up. But she has lost nothing of her fighting spirit and her concern over the future of the planet. Here is an exclusive interview.

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Social entrepreneurs must focus on financial management

Many emerging social enterprises are reluctant or unable to acquire and actually use, good financial information, in a strategic way to build a sustainable future business model.

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Dannon US promotes childhood nutrition education in communities

Dannon established the Dannon Next Generation Nutrition® grant program in 2006 to promote childhood nutrition education in communities. Each organization that receives a grant creates a program that…

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Does the world need a superhero to reduce the global carbon footprint?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own superhero to reduce the global carbon footprint? Enter the Green Ninja, a climate action superhero who fights global warming through education and social change.

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Water as fuel presented by Dr. Ryan Wartena

Did we ever think that water could be transformed into fuel? This is the work presented by scientist and inventor of Growing Energy Lab, Inc., Dr. Ryan Wartena.

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James Hansen: scientist turned environmental activist

For thirty years, the NASA climatologist has been working on our Earth's climate, how it has changed and the causes of these changes. He has proved that mankind bears significant responsibility, and strongly…

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The Danone Ecosystem Fund in 4 minutes

The three-year-old Danone fund supporting the development of the company's ecosystem has just issued a short film describing its goals and methods. Here is a guided tour.

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World Food Day, 16 October 2012

Today is World Food Day. Here is a reminder of what it consists in, as well as an emphasis on agricultural cooperatives, which have been the focus of this year’s World Food Day.

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Vicki Arroyo: Let’s prepare for our new climate

Vicki Arroyo uses environmental law and her background in biology and ecology to help prepare for global climate change.

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