Water and jobs: are they the same fight?

78% of jobs around the world are dependent on water. This statistic was released on March 22 in a United Nations report entitled Water and Jobs, in the hope of alerting States and companies to the crucial…

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World Water Week: a focus on Danone’s commitment

The protection of water resources is one of the key areas of work in Danone's 2020 Nature Plan. World Water Week, from the 28 of August to the 2 of September, is an opportunity to remind the commitment…

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Access to drinking water: solutions for everyone

According to a recent study published in February in the review Science Advances, four billion people throughout the world, including nearly two billion in India and China, regularly undergo severe water…

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Sensor network can detect exact location and size of ocean pollution

In the future, when fossil fuels are no longer the leading source of energy around the world and oil platforms aren't pumping oil from beneath the ocean floor, we won't have to worry about oil spills,…

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Has Water Fallen through the Cracks of the Climate Threat?  

While COP 21 has focused its debates on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it seems, at the very least, to have overlooked the question of water, despite the fact that this resource, too, is threatened…

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1001 Fontaines, Google Impact Challenge Finalist

Since 2004, the association 1001 Fontaines has been working, with the support of the Danone Communities solidarity fund, to train local entrepreneurs so that they can produce safe water to be sold for…

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Troubled water

How access to clean water differs for families across the world

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A Better Way for California to Water Its Farms

California’s Cenytral Valley farmers have a problem. Agriculture accounts for about 80 percent of the state’s water consumption, and in the midst of a historic drought, it is the largest potential…

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These machines can capture a new source of clean energy—evaporating…

A lot of water is evaporated every day on Earth (by one calculation some 1,000 trillion liters). And that evaporation is a clean source of solar energy that—until now—has been untapped. Researchers…

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Each age group has its own water needs

Thirst is a vital and pressing need that should not be ignored. When this sensation appears, it could even be too late already. The thirst is a signal which warns us that it is necessary to drink

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