Saltwater Agriculture: A New Look at Water

Saline agriculture could become a vital resource for food and fuel.

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Philadelphia to be US Model for Green Infrastructure

Back in 2012 we noted that Philadelphia was embarking on a landmark 25-year, $2 billion urban watershed…

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Eco-friendly laundry: 11 Low-tech and simple methods for washing…

Whether you're trying to transition to having a lower environmental footprint, attempting to rely less on the grid, or just want to go greener in the laundry room, there are a variety of simple and low-tech…

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Biomimicry: how nature inspires innovative solutions to water management…

An annual international challenge rewards the most inspired imitations of nature, used to solve human problems. Last year, the Biomimicry Student Challenge focused on water access and management.

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Clean Water For The Phillippines, From Car Batteries And Kentucky…

After Typhoon Haiyan, a simple device is purifying water in hard-hit regions that large aid organizations have trouble reaching.

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The Shower Of The Future Cuts Water Waste To Almost Nothing

Designed in Sweden, the Orbsys recycles the water at your feet and cleanses it to drinking quality.

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Danone-Backed Project Provides Water at Cost to Cambodia

"1001 Fontaines pour demain" funds the installation of treatment units that produce safe drinking water, which is then bottled and distributed to isolated populations in Cambodia. The project meets a pressing…

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The “Greenest School on Earth” is a Kenyan School

The Uaso Nyiro Primary School in Kenya is the winner of the U.S. Green Council’s "greenest school on earth" competition and was honored as finalist in the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. It was also named…

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This outdoor bench harvests and collects rainwater

This urban furniture design combines two practical functions, by providing not just a place to sit in public spaces but can also harvest and collect rainwater.

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Evian supports the “Drink Up” campaign in the United States

As part of her commitment to promote healthier lifestyles among the children of America, First Lady Michelle Obama has just launched a programme to raise awareness of the benefits of water. Evian is one…

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